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Silent Stars Entertainment comprises in-house professional entertainers offering quality shows. Established in 2007, Silent Stars have executed way to many professional shows and events in different venues across Singapore and around Asia.  



Silent Stars Entertainment is a leading producer of entertainment services. All our shows are produced in-house. Whether you’re planning festivals, conferences, corporate celebrations, private/ intimate parties and other events / functions, we guarantee that our performers will make your event sparkle!  Being independent and privately owned since the start, we move with the times very proactively so that we keep on top of the very latest developments. 



Why us


Yes, why indeed! We offer a wide array of entertainment for any taste, ranging from dance and high technology performances to circus acts and fire shows. We do shows day in and day out, and we’re here to stay, so we ensure that we are committed to focus on QUALITY for the most COMPETITIVE RATES in town. 


Silent Stars Entertainment have an energetic team of dancers and choreographers who are experts at doing all of the above and more on a daily basis so you can relax and do what you do best.  When you know that we have everything in hand, putting on an incredible show will only make you look even more amazing than you already are. 



We take pride and continue being the best in what we do because we are known for our:

·      Experience

·      Flexibility

·      Exceptional Customer Service

·      Positive Reputation

·      Professionally-trained Performers

·      Timely Execution


Our promise: we’ll make your budget work extremely hard for you. 

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